Development Finance:

Investors & Government Grants

Genesys is able to assist clients with sourcing development finance, including investor presentations and discussions; technical, project planning; and fulfilling your organisation’s electronics technology team and Chief Technical Officer roles.

Government Grants

Genesys is able to assist clients with applications for government grants such as those administered by Commercialisation Australia, including:

  • preparation of technical specifications and project plans as required in support of grant applications;
  • the establishment of activity and resource tracking systems as required to justify periodic grant payment plans;
  • providing a credible track record to bolster your overall project team strength and image;
  • and supporting you in interactions with Commercialisation Australia.

We have been instrumental in assisting clients who have been successful in gaining government development grants.

Other Genesys Consulting Services:

Looking for design or development servivces? Genesys Electronics Design provides a complete electronic product and software development service from initial concept through to volume production: